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Me- in action, sometimes inaction, but always- acting out!

Euphamism for abuse. . .

Alec Baldwin leaves this message on his daughters voicemail. If you haven't heard it or heard of it- take the time to check it out first.

I come home and in the midst of multi-tasking ET is making background noise. They have sound bites of various celebrities commenting on Alec rant. They have some giving a benign shaming of something close to, "oh, he should really learn to control his anger" or "he really lost his temper."


Loosing your temper is one thing but threatening to 'straighten [someone/any one's] ass out' is a misdemeanor. Telling your daughter she is a "pig" is abusive and warrants notifying CPS.
I don't have the expectation that everyone is as passionate about violence (in this case- the emotional violence directed at women and children) as I am- but I find it inexcusable to normalize this behavior by saying that this is a "private" matter.
Rosie O'Donnell, Judge Judy, Valerie Bertanelli, James Kahn--- all give Alec a pass by either excusing this or admonishing the child for by saying this is a private matter.


It is this unfortunate apathy that normalizes this type of abusive behavior for young girls and then we wonder "why does she stay" when she has a husband or partner that hits her.
We wonder why children don't tell an adult when someone hurts them- well clearly, this is private and not to be discussed. If this outcry isn't taken it seriously then why would a child run the risk at any other point during abuse?
Abuse is private enough- that's the problem.
We do ourselves, our children, our women, AND our men a disservice when we excuse any act of emotional violence and threats of physical harm by saying that it is 'private.'

True privacy never comes at the expense of one persons safety.
I don't care how Alec's tirade voicemail made it to the world wide web- I'm glad it did and I hope that we all reconsider the way we look at privacy. Privacy never NEVER comes at the cost of someones safety.
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