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We'll start a brand new colony...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Are you kidding me?!?!

I mean seriously. This article states that we may all be facing a tax because 'there are artist being shoved into poverty for their art!'


No one cares that I barely make a living wage and I'm doing as much good for the community as art! Did I mention that I have 2 jobs!?!What would we do without social service workers? Where's our tax going to get levied from?
When does the community start valuing the emotional intelligence of those in the helping professions?
Not only that but this can even be seen as a gendered issue given that women are socialized to be nurturing and are then punished when those professions do not pay as much as those that males tend to go into!

This is ridiculous!!!
I'm moving to the moon!!!! Who's with me?

Republican't play nice.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Since Dallas county handed the Republicans their ass to them- there has been wide-spread panic. And while I love John Mayer's 'Waiting On The World to Change," get a haircut, ya hippie!

Since that fateful fun-filled Tuesday- I have received several calls nearing panic. One woman explained that she was told that because the judge in her divorce was not re-elected, there would be no more divorces heard in that court until after the new year. Also having a criminal case pending she calls in tears wanting to know if nothing will be done on this case until then for the same reason. Trying to empathize and agreeing that that is unfortunately inappropriate but that her case is still being dealt with by the prosecutors- they aren't elected so work will continue. I didn't say that the judge would be available- because even when there- that doesn't mean available.
So I understand the broad sweeping changes when (almost) all the elected positions ousted the Republican seated comfortably but, get over it. Being on the loosing end of the ballot is nothing new to me and I'll be damned if anyone let me cry in my beer for too long. In the same vain- I didn't and don't appreciate gloating much but this was enough. Evidently Bill O'Reilly makes a point of damming the iPod culture.
As long as Republican make every attempt to bring stupid back- the grassroots renegades will continue to unseat the comfortable.

All that being well and good- the world is on the up-swing in other directions. The AMA's had live pole-dancers and KKK-ramer has apologized for spouting n!%%3r at a heckler.

192 votes!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

When hard work pays off!

EVERY vote counts!

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