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Me- in action, sometimes inaction, but always- acting out!


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I've been working with a victim that's hearing impaired. She's made arrangements to get to the courthouse tomorrow and we began text messaging today. I don't like victims knowing my phone number but didn't have any other options given the vast budget of the county.
I send her a message and I'm sitting at my desk when I notice that the light behind the buttons suddenly comes on. So I pay attention and I notice that the light behind the buttons is fickle.

I am so-o pissed!

I have, on my way to the Cingular store, an ass-chewing speech in the works....
I'm going to tell them that I don't want to wait and I don't want to sign in.
I'm going to say that I haven't been with Cingular even 2 weeks and that this is already my second phone!
I'm going to tell them that I am not resetting my phone and that they had better give me some sort of credit for all my troubles.

Yeah- I'm gonna tell them!
I get to the store and as I'm walking in I hear someone tell me to sign in. With an 'OK' and a scratch of pen to paper I wait. I'll sign in- but you won't be able to read it! Ha.
A 5ft 3inch man makes his way over and politely asks if he can help me. With an exasperated sigh (more of deep breath in) I begin.....
"yeah, I just switched to Cingular and this is my second phone because the first one had a problem and now it seems as though the keypad light doesn't work see- see how when I push this button the light doesn't come on I am really disappointed in this phone's performance and... What do you mean it has a sensor?"
"Well, ma'am, this phone has a sensor so that it doesn't use your battery. I'll check it though."
walks away.

comes back.
"Yes, your sensor is working fine." smile.
In all seriousness though- how puts a friggin' sensor in a phone so that it knows not to waste your battery? Does this phone have a direct link to my FBI file too? I'm not nutty for thinking that the sensor is... it's a bit much. (((and SO-O effin cool!)))

Still- the only thing I could think to say was: "I don't believe you."
He offers to show me in the dark bathroom but I passed.

I asked if he would consider keeping this just between us and then I agree that "well, this is embarrassing. I love my phone and I'm going to leave now- thank you."

And as I'm pushing on the door that is clearly marked 'pull', my purse collides with the glass announcing my techunknowledge!

refer to manual

Thursday, August 10, 2006

July 29th- it's a chilling 101 degrees.

I'm on my way home from gettin' my hair did. I'm getting on 75. I notice that the temperature gage on Vivian begins to move over the 190 degree mark. The cool air that magically appears from the dash becomes a tepid to warm temperature. Soon the ugly red light takes stage next to the speedometer and the announcing 'beeeeep' interrupts my favorite jam.

I'm overheating.

Pulling into the Deny's parking lot with concern and irritation, I begin the list of who to call in my mind. Best friend is en route to rescue. Boyfriend knows nothing about cars. Friendboy just moved to Austin. . . . Who to call???
I'm calling my dad. He likes cars and will have answers.
... make idle chit-chat w/ step-mom.
... hello to sister.
..."yeah, hey. Dad? Ok so my car's over heating."
I was wanting a ctrl alt delete type fix. NO- Dad's novel idea is: get out your owners manual and make sure you have coolant in your system.
I knew that- I talk about how we should have an owner's Manual for life and the one time I have that- I forget.

I drive home with the heat on keeping her as cool as possible until she can get to the doctor.
I'm cruisin' with the heat on in 101 degree heat wishing the owners Manual was more absorbent.

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