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Me- in action, sometimes inaction, but always- acting out!

"be sure and eat something"

Sunday, March 25, 2007

My first memory of death was Susan. Beautiful, stoic, reliable in letting you know when the sun was on the rise. It was an unfortunate run-in with ant poison that killed him. Yes, Susan was our rooster who's gender was mistaken for female until chick puberty proved him male but the name stuck. I remember my mother telling me that Susan was now in a better place and we could go to the feed store and I could pick out a new chick when spring came.

My first memory of my step-dads family is being at his brother's house, riding four-wheelers, eating, and playing outside until it was too dark. Even then there were fire-flies to be jarred. I remember Uncle Ronnie asking and insisting if I was 'getin' myself something to eat,' 'didja git enough to eat,' 'be sure and getcha some food now, girl.' I must have been 5 or 6 when I opened the refrigerator and found a bowl of frog legs floating in water. I still haven't eaten frog legs and I believe my own end will come without that distinction.

On Friday Uncle Ronnie was buried and he left his 2 children just beginning their own families at the all-too-young age of 59. No, we cannot pick a new him up from the feed store come spring. My heart-felt words of sympathy are little compared to the pain that will come weeks from now when the calls stop and the food quits just showing up. The quiet of that house must be deafening and exhausting in the most overwhelming sense. There is an appointment card on the refrigerator with his name on it- he's got a 2:00 in June. Does that Doctor's office already know? Do you call to cancel? Do you throw away the card?
Do you still sleep on 'your' side of the bed?
Who is going to make sure that everybody gets enough to eat at the Christmas party?

On my way home from the service I realized that I will be attending many more services not too much unlike this. I will attend more because that is the virtue of having a large blended family. I will be left with my version of their love and how they made people feel important or validated. I will be left, similarly but not always as significantly, by many.

This lead to how would others experience me. . . . .

Dallas social services worker dies in unfortunate karaoke incident in the wee hours of Saturday. She was mid-chorus of an unparalleled version of 9-5 when a speaker gave way to her inspiring vocal sound. She is survived by family, friends, and countless cats that described her as "fierce for social justice" and "quick to make a joke." Services will be held during Happy Hour at several locations around town. We are asking that any donation be made to the city of Dallas to pay off her numerous parking tickets.
Her body was donated to science and her liver is currently undergoing testing for abnormal regenerative qualities.
Friends of M.I.A. say that she will be remembered most for snorting while laughing and talent for bad break-ups. "Borrowing" music rounds out the top 5.
M.I.A. '78-'07 "uh, I'm not judging.... I'm just finger-pointing."


Monday, March 19, 2007

Ok, I'm glad ITPT is on this because when I read it- I didn't believe it.

Here's the scoop. HB 1703 reads: "prohibiting the transfer of an embryo except in an adoption proceeding; providing a penalty."

Do they get an ad litem with that?

This looks some sort of sneaky shit to be pulled in order to chip away at reproductive rights! Next they'll say that because the potentially aborted fetus would technically be transferred- all abortions would require a court order in lieu of or in addition to an adoption.

What's next?

The vicious cycle of privledge

Monday, March 12, 2007

So NorthPark Mall, for the non-locals, is an uppity mall. There's a Barney's New York for the love uh gawd. NP Mall will have a children's library opening in May. Initially I thought this is an excellent idea. This will provide many parents an opportunity to sit down with their children while attending to all those bothersome errands that the nanny did not seem to get to. This library will empower those many affluent children to have an all too rare exposure to books and literacy.

Can we get an additional outreach library in South Dallas?
Can we get an additional outreach library at the Courthouse?
Can we get an additional outreach library where literacy really is a struggle?!?

This is why the kids with money really do better on standardized tests and subsequently do better in college and subsequently do better in --- well, I think you see where this is going. Generations from now, those same kids may be reading to their kids- because they're the only ones that got jobs that pay them well enough to shop there in the first place.

Imagine the disappointment they'll feel should any aspire to work in social services.

Who's your daddy?

Friday, March 09, 2007

So when the news broke about the toddlers smoking pot- I, like most, was outraged. I was outraged becuase I immediately see this as abuse but what I don't think most poeple acknowledge are the racial and GENDERED implications that go along with the shock value of this YouTubed crime. Did anyone ask why they don't show the thousands of white kids that have absente parents due to their own addictions? Going one further- why was the last line of the news blurb that I saw state that "the mother was at home sleeping in the back."
Hell yeah she was asleep- that's normal!!!
She- like most marginalized women of color, probably has more than 1 job.
Why was there no mention of where the father was?
Why do we only shame the mother for sleeping?

Moving on- there's a story in the DMN about a fugative mom found for abandoning her twin girls. Now, granted- I believe she left them on the side of the road- that's not ok.
So I'll ask again- why no mention of where the father is?
Why do we feel vindication for arresting a bad mother and yet we know there are thousands of fathers that don't even take financial responsiblity for their children? Why are their pictures not plastered in the paper? THAT'S ABANDONMENT TOO!!!

I refuse to accept that becasue women are birthing babies that it requires we be the sole stop for responsibility.
So- I want to know. Where are the fathers?


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's on it's way to me RIGHT NOW!

yeah- I'm gonna put the sticker on my car and everything.

Open Apology

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Dear Dell Rainman-

It is my understanding the my motherboard is, in fact dead.

I would like to begin by saying that I am sorry for having been so harsh. There is nothing wrong with a little Wapner.

Ultimately I am most sorry that my computer- your product- sucks! My inspirion 1150 did little to inspire over the short 3 years and may never do that little again.

Thank you for charging my too much money for a data back-up. I'm hoping there will be a you-made-me-cry discount, but somehow I doubt that!

Happily moving on -

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