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Me- in action, sometimes inaction, but always- acting out!

Because it really is a problem!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's not just becuase my experience with it has proven to be unfortunate at best, devistating at worst. It's an epidemic and I'm glad to see that something is being done, it saddens me that it's not here!
I don't know what the solution is, but I like the direction this goes!

Cheap Thrills

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So the time in the old apartment has come and gone. While it's bittersweet: there were so many bad times and yet so much growing was done there. I'll miss the Crepe Myrtles.
So here is just a brief recap of how the move went. . .
The movers were scheduled for Friday between noon and 2. I continue to not hear from them and we find that at 5:00 they are 1/2 way across the metroplex- so that had to be moved to Saturday. They end up canceling on Saturday (word of mouth has it: they take the invoice away from Courtney, who had gone w/ Emilie while I stayed and unpacked. THEY WALKED OFF THE JOB!!!) There are just sometimes when I don't think that the karmatic payback is enough! I want ugly things for them.
Then Courtney pulls out of her darkspace (mainly because she didn't want me to stress any more than I had and two because she knew at that point that I wouldn't be able to dry it up long enough to get the big stuff moved) a truck and mover and a completed move. It got done- and cheaper than the original plan (well the cost of stress seemed rather great but...).
I had cable installed (and by cable I mean the 5 local channels that Comcast has hoarded for monetary purposes). As it turns out, by the virtue of living in an apartment built in the 50's er 60's, there is some kinda filter thing 'insert cable speak here' and I got basic cable for the price of just local channels. Yeah- damn the man, I am thrilled! I am so proud to say that I have Comedy Central and I will never have time to watch it.
I enjoy the new place, had a good date last Friday, and the cats have adjusted well- they enjoy the stairs (Stan wheezes 1/2 way up: not funny, but SO-O funny!).

Well behaved women rarely make history. -Laural Thatcher Ulrich

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Celebrating the 85th anniversary of the 19th Ammendment.

Women of history.

Women are talking.

Women are writing.

Women are doing.

What are you doing for equal right on August 26th?

Feminists, . . . especially feminists, are not immune to fascist beauty standards.

Rosie, what's not to love?!? I think the popularity of Rosie speaks to the power and (it pains me to admit) flaw of the 2nd wave feminist movement- hard working yet only seen in white. (I'm sure Rosie was straight, too!)

I love how the first wave of feminism was done with such class, I mean really: a white dress and a purple sash- Fabulous!

"When I die, don't send me flowers. Send me three more states." That's all it would have taken to pass the ERA. . . 3 states.

I find the symbols of the 60's inspiring.

"So. . . what's your fantasy, press '1' for. . . "

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It had been a week and I was struggling to get in and get the day started. I'm at my desk, looking busy (usually: becuase I AM). Erin (beloved co-worker) comes into my office to tell me that she had recieved several rollover calls on the staff phone. Perplexed, I get the phones all lined up and realize: THEY DON'T WORK! This means we're getting 3 new cell phones to operate the hotline OR I'm campin' out at work all weekend (not an option!).
I'm looking up the number to Cingular and getting things done and get as far as I can without being the Executive Director. I give her (. . . the E.D., an aged woman- certainly not a youngster like myself) the number and go to talk my cohorts (we've got end of the week gossip to catch up on!). She comes around the corner (I'm sitting cross-legged on the floor, interrupted during my dating story) only to direct her to another number. She again comes around the corner- - only to tell me that the last number I gave her was a number to porn. YEAH (do you know where I work?!?) it's a porn line- NOT Cingular!!! That was good for a laugh and an embarrasement!
I went back to work after that- givin' your boss porn was an ender, it just couldn't be topped!


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Next week by this time I will be in the new place.
I'll be out of touch for a while.
We moved Em. into her new place and I'm super-excited to be getting into mine!
I'll update as soon as I can!

where the TV is gonna go.
yeah- it's under the stairs: that'll be cute!

the pitched ceiling in the living room with this big window that I won't be able to reach.

view of the living room from 1/2 way up the stars.

super-cute kitchen window looking at fence.
on the other side of the fence is the ghetto! out the front door are guh-jillion dollar homes!
go figger. . . .

Stop procrastinating and pack!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

One last thing. In the blogs I read regularly, I came across this blurb about conservative v. liberal cities. I found it interesting (the comments are worth a read as well) but not surprising that I live in one of the top 5 conservative areas- Plano- and it made me feel a little better. If I can be who I am here- well, I can be that just about anywhere! (Dr. Suess-esk sound not intended!)


Dynamics of a damn good nap.

It started when I stopped as soon as I got tired. I layed down on my bed. I have to lay in an awkward: non-nighttime sleep position, so I layed parrallel to the foot of the bed. I was in a fetal position laying on my right-side. Just as I'm laying down Stanley comes in to be spooned and finds the mushy spot (also known as my torso) to camp out. The last thing I remember was sound of the blinds rattling in the window indicating that Othello was about the join us. I don't remember the details of my dream- but I know I dreamed about packing (which is the big plan for an evenful Saturday night) and I remember my dream being very peaceful. I woke up slowly- which I haven't done in. . . I don't know how long. I woke and didn't open my eyes, I layed there and listened to the quiet of the apartment and the breathing of the cats on the bed. When I opened my eyes I realized I'd been asleep for about an hour and a half.

I feel rested- which I haven't felt all week. I feel rejuvinated- which I'll need to get all my shit packed. I feel like that was an A+ nap.
Now THAT'S how a bill becomes a law!

A brain purge found in the 'sent' mail.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I don't care what's under your bed or what you ate last. Answer these questions instead.

1. Do you recycle?
I recycle paper at work, I recycle funny things I hear, but that's about it.

2. Did you grow up with an alcoholic/drug addict parent or close family member?
Not exactly.

3. Have you ever lost a core family member?

4. Do you think religious law supersedes a particular society's culture or should it be compromised to fit it?
uh, I don't know that I understand this question but I think yes, religion shapes the values upheld by capitalism. We get so caught up in the right to life w/ the Terry Schiavo case but b/c there are those minorities (economically, ethnically, socially, and what not...) dying all the time b/c they don't have healthcare we blame them for not pulling themselves up by their bootstraps and so it's a self-perpetuating cycle of excuses.

5. Do you believe we're the only ones here or is there life out there somewhere in the universe?
I don't like to think we're alone- that seems self-centered.

6. Do you find the smell of patchouli annoying?
Only on days that end in why, although it does remind me of this woman that I used to know- and I find it somewhat comforting in small doses.

7. Do you thing gays and lesbians should be able to marry?
Hell yes, breeders should not have to suffer alone!

8. Do you believe in abortion?
I believe it happens. I believe that medical decisions are best practiced with a license. I believe that if congress wants to start regulating medical decisions- it ought to get one. Otherwise- keep your laws off my body.

9. Do you have health insurance?
Yes, and i am grateful. I don't have dental and I'm paranoid I have a cavity that I can't fill.

10. Does it piss you off that our taxes go to kill other people in other countries, but you can't afford to go to the fucking doctor?
Yeah- but I can't even afford to pay attention- could you repeat the question....

11. Would you date someone of another race?
No- I'm not dating my opponnent- that's how you get a reputation for sleeping your way into office. I would date someone of another ethnicity, though.

12. Do you believe in the right to die?

13. If you were terminally ill and in pain, would you accept an injection to end it if it were offered?
My pain is a seperate issue from the pain that is vicariously felt by those closest to me. I think that would be my greater concern in making a decision like this. My physical pain takes a backseat to teh emotional pain it causes others.

14. Burial or cremation?
I am donating my ass (<-- ha ha! bodypun) to science.

15. Do you believe in the death penalty?
Doh! This is 1 of 2 issues i waffle on so- I don't know. i think it's intended purpose is benign- it deters nothing. At the same time- I think our resources would be better served paying for things other than some rapist slash murderers room'n'board.

16. Ever been arrested?
No- I'm a white girl, bring on the privildge!

17. What for? I really haven't done anything to warrent arrest but I plan on protesting a lot in my 40's and 50's so maybe that'll change.

18. Do you think we should drill for oil in the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge?
No, I think that money should be channeled into to cleaner burning research.

19. Ever consider a hybrid vehicle? YES! iIhave been eyeing the Ford Escape Hybrid- It's uber cute. But we'll be getting that cavity filled and paying off the mounting school loans first. Ah- defecit spending, it's what's for breakfast!

20. What do you consider a good punishment for rape?
The punishment could never fit the crime.

21. Have you ever screwed someone over for personal gain? Yes. We all have wether we acknowledge it or not.

. . . and so there's that. An edgy spin on the standard sir-vay!
Good times.

Labor, Late nights, and Love.

Monday, August 08, 2005

The convention was held at the Holiday Inn on Van Ness street after having to reschedule the entire event rather close to the first day. Originally slated to be at St. Francis's Hotel, the Young Democrats of America decide to pull out because: St. Francis isn't union.
Thursday night results in drinking, karaoke, and drinking. At some point Amy says, as we are all coming to: "is that crust?" Greg says: "yes." I ask, while waking between the two of them: "Did we order pizza?" My head hurt for the next 2 days.
The not-so-fancy-but-still-my-new-favorite black sweater in this sweater came from a nice resale shop called: 'Out of the Closet.' After talking with the cashier- she said that all the items are donated, sold, pay for overhead, and then the remaining proceeds go to buy AIDS/HIV drugs for any that cannot afford to pay. It was such a good feeling- I'm in love love love with San Fran!

James and I had the same flight home- he is just one of the many poeple that I got the pleasure of getting to know better. This was a moment when I can't get over how great my life is and how the people in it make it worth wanting to do so much more.

We celebrate after Kareoke. . .

We get work done (all the while perpetuating the stereotype that all Texans wear hats. . .) in General Session. This is maybe a quarter of the group: we were Texas-sized!

I fell in love with San Francisco, yet again. This is the fog coming in- it's amazing how charming fog is, as are most things in the city.

Sushi at Fisherman's Wharf.

Well we drank. . . .


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