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Me- in action, sometimes inaction, but always- acting out!


Friday, July 21, 2006

On the bus today- we are stopped at the corner of Elm and Griffin. I like to think of this as the sun stop (because there is NO shade!) and there is this man standin' in the sun. . . just a glistenin' and a sweatin' (because 8:15 am in TX means 88 degrees!). He has his CD player and he's swayin' and singin'... singin' (no sound though- he's just filled with the spirit) like it's an audition and Simon, Paula, and Randy are about to tell him he's the next Amer!can Idol. This is humorous, yeah- it always is. But today- it was the woman about 3 feet down that was clearly looking at him like he done lost his mind.
She looks at him. Furrows brow. Looks away.
Looks back. Shakes head. Says something I can't see or hear but I'm pretty certain it was 'damn fool.'
Looks away.
Looks back one last time--- just to see if he's still actin' a fool.

Then the bus pulls away and I miss the end. I like to think that 'all of America voted for him' and that the lady was the first to buy is first solo release after all.
Fun things seen when I don't have to drive!

I'll huff and I'll puff- and I'll blow this effer up!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

THIS is exactly what I'm talkin' about!
So, when I talk about power and control in any everyday conversation- people look at me like I'm nutty and that I've taken the work too seriously. No- we, as a culture... a community... a nation!..., don't take this seriously enough.
So- this doctor in New York decides to blow up his (formerly theirs... (heh heh) soon to be hers) home so that the 'ex' couldn't have it. This is adult 4 square with the popular kids... if they don't want to play with you, they take the ball and move on--- because they're 12!
The moral of the story- if you think Dr. Crazy would go so far as to blow up the homestead, can you imagine arguing over .... anything?!? I'm sure he was great to buy for at Christmas or was a real trooper when it came to arguements over money, family, or (insert anything here). If he'd blow up the house there is no doubt in my mind that he was one manipulative S.O.B.
... all this, and I'm sure there's millions more out there- and we still blame her when she doesn't leave? What are the options, living with crazy (so you know where he is...) or giving him time and space to plan to blow you up?

A thousand words is NOT necessary.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

In making every attempt to not balance my checkbook I browse my bookmarks and allow myself to get sucked into the blackhole of time known as 'mysp@ce.' Yes- this is where good time goes bad in a void of looking at snapshots of peoples lives that you know, know a little, or don't even know and they'll soon file for a restraining order because you're the reason Dateline has 'specials.'
So there's a site for the graduating class of '96 from my HS alma mater (useless knowledge- do not phone me when you're on Who wants to be a $1M... unless you don't want to be a millionare.... alma mater is latin for other mother.)
So- I'm wasting time looking at recognizable faces from 10 years ago. Many are married or divorced. Some have kids, some wants kids, some should rethink that top for photographs. Many have a partner or a picture of something- usually with some type of pre-fab kitchen in the background of a house in a neighborhood that they are happy to call home. Many still live in the area, some don't live far, some are in far far away places like Seattle or Wylie. Most of them have a blurb about how they only have a myspa%e because they were pressured into it by friends, co-workers, or the voice that told them that top was 'so cute' in pix....
Either way- I have my reservations about my$pace. I have a 'space' and I look- at length, judging, laughing- hello, that's what it's there for.
I think what struck me tonight as I was in the vortex of wasting time where all things get avoided and you are unable to hear cats crying because they are out of food or phones ring.... This site set up for the graduating class- these are people that are recognizable and I find it interesting to see what they want me to see- the new baby, the new rack, the built boyfriend, the pretty girlfriend, the pure-bred puppy. It's interesting that my profession has created a sense of reading between the lines- I have deciphered what the pictures truly mean. . .
all photos from the waste up: 'I think I'm fat'
any pictures drinking alcohol: 'look- - - I have friends'
pictures with the top of the arm and face only: 'there's no one here, I took this picture myself'
pictures of just animals: 'I'm one of those weird animal people'
pictures of animals in clothes or poses: 'I'm lonely and weird'
pictures while on vacation: 'I have to prove that I do stuff other than work'
pictures of others: 'I will make fun of my friends to their face.'
any photos posted of drug use: 'I am stupid'


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