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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Before I take out my soap box, I'll apologize for the extended absence. I'll later explain why I'm really not sorry.
April, as usual, found my busy. The kind of busy that I'll bitch about but really love. April is sexual assault awareness and prevention month. This year found me presenting. There's a small town south and west of Midland called Alpine (home of Sul Ross State University). Upon arrival to quaint Alpine, which there are not lights- just stop signs, I was informed that they have had a problem with prosecuting sexual assaults. Not really a problem as much as an absence. The prosecution of a SA hasn't been around SINCE 1984. I find it hard to believe but was informed that the District Attorney stated that a grand jury continues to no-bill such cases. Example- a woman was sexually assaulted but because she had a toothbrush in her purse, they believed there to be consent. Yes- a toothbrush in your purse means you want to have sex AND you cannot change your mind! I have floss in my purse- what does that mean?
While presenting in Alpine, we take a break in the morning and one (of only 20 people) them approaches me and asks if I considered going to law school. Not really knowing what to say I just said that I don't see myself as a lawyer. She begins talking and then mid-stream says, "and I wouldn't sit on those tables." When presenting I walk around, stop, talk, solicit questions... sit on the table when someone's processing something.... Anyway- she says that she wouldn't sit on the table and I agree that they may not be the most stable. She says,"well, no- it's ..." I immediately bend WAY over hoping that I don't have something unfortunately offensive in an uncomfortable place.... She says," oh, no. It's just suggestive." I must have had a 'huh' look on my face because she continued to explain herself in spite of the clear look that says I've tuned you out. I continue to find myself shocked that even while wearing grey slacks, a white button-up and a black jacket I can lean one leg on a table and talk about rape. Talk about how no matter what a woman does or wears (or doesn't wear), that doesn't ive anyone unwanted access to her body. I guess it can still be 'suggestive' though. ---insert eye-roll here---
I found that the Spanish word for handcuffs is esposes. The Spanish word for wife also happens to esposa. That's a new meaning to ball and chain.
I suppose that I'm fit for the work I do. I guess that just doesn't make it any easier--- any more acceptable that we all don't see injustice.

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