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Me- in action, sometimes inaction, but always- acting out!

I don't care what the police report says- I'm not a bad driver.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Evidently, I'm not a great driver either.

While on my way to work about 3 weeks ago I won the speeding lottery according to the ticket. I have decided that the portly cop that simply walked out into the street to give me a ticket (40 in 30 is really not offensable--- is it?!?) really could have used a run if he wanted me to have that ticket. I mean really- This business of walking out into the street to pull people over- that's just lazy.
I, at the very least, deserve the blue'n'red disco in my rear-view mirror!

Last week- it got even better. . .
I seem to have this ongoing problem with my right front tire- IT DOESN'T HOLD AIR! So I got a courtesy call from a co-worker leaving the office last Thursday, something along the lines of:
c-w: "uh, hey. So, are you still at the office?"
m.i.a.: "yeah. I'm gonna leave soon."
c-w: "oh- that sucks."
m.i.a.: "ah, well-- sorta. I'm gonna leave soon." I'm thinking- thanks, rub it in.
c-w: "well, I drove by your car. You have a flat- that sucks."
m.i.a.: "yes, yes it does. Thanks for letting me know- I appreciate it."
c-w: "yeah, good luck with that."
I thought it was nice of her to let me know.
So then I try to loosen the lugnuts- no luck. So, I make it just around the corner to the gas-station and get air in it.
I make it to I-35 headed towards I-30 to have my tired looked at where I got it ...
It was pretty clean hit- I made sure that the truck in front of me was centered so that the trailer hitch went directly through the cute little VW symbol.
He, driver, was fine- and nice enough to point out, once we were pulled over that, "wow, you're car's fucked!" Sweet of him to say considering his trailor hitch saved his bumper from any damage.
At this point- I want to run into oncoming traffic.
I exchanged information with Captain Obvious and thank him for his courtesy in being so nice. Get my car home, pulling over to let the engine cool because- my radiator, busted by the afore mentioned trailer hitch, was leaking fluid at about the same rate tears were leaking from my face.
Today I picked up my rental car. 'Bob' at the body shop was kind enough to let me know when I picked up my gate remote and tolltag from my towed in car that I had about $4000 worth of damage.
Yeah, I'm rollin (slowly! and carefully!) in a Pontiac GrandPrix. Let me just say, 'grand' is an understatement. I'm uncertain if the fact that I can seat 4 up front gives me the impression that it is in fact 'GRAND' or if the white color just makes it feel like a wide turn.
I'm uncertain when I'll have my beloved Jetta back but- I miss her already.

yeah- no shit!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Meredith --


Extremely extreme!

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com

Updates to happen soon. . . .

His shoes didn't match the purse.

Friday, February 03, 2006

I'm at a "private reception" for a Candidate for Texas Governor. That in it of itself seems rather self-important. I know that I have no business- other than the fact that I'm the activist base- being there because I am in no way able to fund my own entry.
There are the usual elected democrats and the ones running that in the loop. I appreciate seeing some of the same people- I know that they support the party even after they've warmed their cute elected seat and recognize that giving back is important.
She's an elected Judge. I like her hair and I liked her stump speech and am glad to see that she's attending. She's a tall regal woman that clearly has been with her husband long enough that they do that thing that long time partnered couples do- they nearly look alike. She's walking and talking and sipping her Pinot Grigio and her husband is close- gathering a small plate of Brie and shrimp to share. It seemed- from where I was- supportive, equitable, impressively endearing when he politely motioned her away from a conversation when the reception honoree mentioned her presence. It was at this point that I noticed the phenomenal brown leather handbag- it had was a suede material with a single strap and a fabulous brass buckle that had a plush gather of material that seemed to say, "Hey, there's more money in here than you have in your account."
He was holding that handbag.
I have- on more than one occasion asked a friend, partner, passer-by to "hold this for just a sec, would you?" I know that there are times I carry my purse for reasons other than the custodian of my wallet. They are nice when it works as a weapon when forging through a crowded room and I'm jockeying for space. There are times when it works as a good wall to hide behind- you can't see that I came in late when I'm behind this purse. There are many functions behind the hand bag- not the least of which is a longer strap that's shouldered and pushed back always makes your butt look smaller.
This is my social/personal/intellectual burden to bare. When I'm ready- I'll leave it.
I want a partner, a bed cohort, a lover, a boyfriend, a husband, a mate- that would do this for me. I want what she has- a loving guide that holds her shit while she's working the room also there to be aware when she's unable.
I want it- knowing I would not ask.
Hold my hand and help me remember to leave put my purse in the trunk.
If, for no other reason, so we both have hands to hold a plate of Brie!

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